How many layers is perfect? More is more in our opinion as long as it’s not too much. Layered jewelry- the jewelry trend of the past few seasons, whether it is wearing several dainty pieces or a few bold statement pieces, is the perfect way to put all your favorite baubles on full display. Get more exposure out of your jewelry trove by knowing how to layer your pieces. The following are tips and tricks from ora gift shop that you need to know to achieve your stacking dream:

To create your neckline narrative, use necklaces with different chain styles and weights to avoid getting tangled. Layer at different lengths so that each piece can stand on its own, creating a cascade effect. A great way to play with texture is by wearing a dainty choker and then layering heavy chains or pendants over them. Mix your metal colors! It creates more styling possibilities and adds a contrasted interest. As well, you may use necklaces of the same metal to break up a solid colored shirt. Tip: coin and horizontal bar necklaces serve as great diving points between necklaces that fall closer to the neckline- use one of them as a base when layering and build from there.
gold layered necklace set of 2
For an ear stack that is simply ear-resistible, decorate your ears in style by mixing and matching pieces from your earring collection, as there are no limits for mastering the ear stack. Keep it minimal with an earful of studs or mix around different types of hoops. Tip: when stacking, wear a larger statement piece with simple studs for a textured, contrasted look. As well, don’t focus on symmetry! Or another good way is to wear a matching set, create an ear party with different earrings on both ears, as long as there is a balance in weight and lengths! Lastly, stick to a theme. The pieces should all relate to one another thematically such as an all-gold or a geometric theme.
layered gold earrings set
Out with the old, ‘ring’ in the new- nail the perfect ring tribe. A sideways stack is fabulous: fine rings add style layered across the hand as well as stacked up the finger. A few simple gold bands are always essential to complete a stack. (keep it interesting by mixing different textures such a twisted or beaded band). To go bold, start with a ring such as a chunky signet ring on your ring finger as your focal point and build around it with relatively simple pieces. Additionally, there is no need to stack on all fingers, focus on one and stack rings engraved with letters that mean something to you! Tip: Make sure to leave wrists bare and stick to subtle nails for maximum impact.
smiling girl gold layered rings set
Give your wrist a makeover. Offer structure to your wrist game by choosing one eye-catching statement piece such as a bulky bracelet and build with complimentary pieces or get creative and wear multiple equally striking pieces. For beginner stackers, choose to stick with bracelets with a unifying trait such as an all gold stack or colors that compliment one another such as gold. Or choose to try different textures, shapes, and colors to boost the look of your stack- feel free wear to wear gold bangles mixed with a personalized bar bracelets.
When it comes to mixing, let your personal style shine through whichever stack you build! One is never enough, so- enjoy, be creative, and get your stacking game on!

gold bar bracelet layered set
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