Collection: Ankle Bracelet

Ankle BraceletWearing ankle bracelets adds a touch of style to your outfit. You can wear anklets on vacation, in the summer, or when the weather gets warmer. Shop for anklets in varying designs and metal types, including yellow, white, and rose gold. Our wide selection of anklets and bracelets is edgy and expressive, whether you choose a simple chain anklet or an anklet with symbols and charms.

1) Do you offer ankle bracelet with name?

Yes Do you have women ankle bracelet in gold and silver personalized with name

2) What is the meaning of wearing ankle bracelet ?

Wearing an anklet on the right foot indicates that one is single and unmarried. Married people who put it on their right foot are looking to have an affair. It is common to wear an anklet on the left foot as a talisman or charm. The original belief was that diseases came from outside