NASA and Prada team up to bring high fashion to the moon

Internationally renowned fashion house Prada is boldly venturing into uncharted territory, announcing its foray into space fashion. In a groundbreaking collaboration, the Italian luxury company revealed its partnership with Axiom Space to pioneer NASA's next generation of lunar spacesuits, set to accompany the team embarking on the Artemis III mission to the moon in 2025.

The Artemis III

The Artemis III expedition marks a historic milestone as humanity's first crewed lunar landing in over half a century, since the iconic Apollo 17 mission in 1972. NASA's visionary mission aims to explore the uncharted territory near the moon's South Pole, unlocking new frontiers of lunar discovery.

Anticipating this celestial odyssey, Prada brings its unparalleled technical expertise in raw materials, manufacturing techniques, andinnovative design concepts to the forefront. As articulated by Axiom Space CEO Michael Suffredini, Prada's collaboration will introduce advanced technologies crucial for ensuring the astronauts' comfort and safety on the lunar surface, while addressing human factors considerations absent from previous spacesuit designs.

Making History in Fashion

The Artemis II mission, slated for November 2024, promises to make history with its lunar orbit expedition. Notably, this mission will feature the pioneering presence of Mission Specialist 1 Christina Hammock Koch and Pilot Victor Glover, marking the first time a woman and a person of color embark on a lunar mission.

While the Artemis III crew remains to be unveiled by NASA, the anticipation for Prada's transformative contribution to space attire continues to soar. The collaborative effort between Prada and Axiom Space heralds a new era of space exploration, poised to redefine the boundaries of lunar fashion and functionality.

The Prada Spacesuits

The forthcoming spacesuits, adorned with Prada's signature blend of elegance and innovation, will boast updated technology and enhanced protection from the lunar elements. This transformative leap in spacesuit design promises to facilitate unprecedented levels of lunar exploration, enabling astronauts to navigate and explore the moon's surface with unparalleled ease and safety.

In an expression of honor and excitement, Lorenzo Bertelli, Prada Group Marketing Director, underscored the significance of Prada's involvement inthis historic mission. Drawing upon Prada's decades of experimentation, cutting-edge technology, and design prowess, Bertelli emphasized the continuation of Prada's legacy in pioneering new frontiers—from Luna Rossa's groundbreaking America's Cup endeavors in the '90s to the present-day design of spacesuits for the Artemis era.

As humanity embarks on this transcendent journey to the moon and beyond, Prada's cosmic couture promises to epitomize the union of fashion and innovation, illuminating the cosmos with its timeless elegance and pioneering spirit.

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