October Birthstone

October has two distinct birthstones: a gem and a stone! Learn more about both your October birthstone options here. 

Opal Birthstone

Discover the allure of opal, the cherished birthstone for October. Believed to trace its name to the ancient Sanskrit word "upala," meaning "precious stone," opal captivates with its iridescent play-of-color, reminiscent of fireworks and galaxies. From ancient times, opal has been esteemed for its mystical qualities. Bedouins once believed opals held lightning, while the Greeks revered them for their prophetic powers.

In Europe, opal symbolized purity, hope, and truth, embodying virtues and the powers of all colored stones. Today, opal remains the gem of choice to celebrate the 14th wedding anniversary.

Where Opal is Found

Opals are unearthed across the globe, with Australia leading production, notably from Lightning Ridge for prized black opals and from various locations like White Cliffs and Queensland for white and boulder opals, respectively. Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, and several other countries also contribute to the opal's global presence.

Opal Care & Cleaning

Opals, ranging from 5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, require gentle care to preserve their beauty. Clean with warm, soapy water to avoid damage from other cleaning methods. Avoid exposing opals to high heat or sudden temperature changes.

Opal Buyer's Guide

Delve into our comprehensive Opal Buying Guide to make an informed choice for your next October birthstone purchase. With opals showcasing a mesmerizing array of colors, there's a perfect gem to suit every taste.

Tourmaline Birthstone: A Spectrum of Colors

Tourmaline, a newer October birthstone, derives its name from the Sinhalese word "toramalli," reflecting its diverse hues within a single crystal. From ancient mystics to modern enthusiasts, tourmaline's color palette‚ÄĒranging from pink rubellites to vivid green "Para√≠ba" tourmalines‚ÄĒinspires awe and creativity.

Where Tourmaline is Found

Primarily mined in Brazil, tourmaline also emerges from Afghanistan, Kenya, and Mozambique, each region contributing unique colors and qualities. Historic producers like California and Maine in the United States continue to yield fine tourmaline specimens.

Tourmaline Care & Cleaning

With a hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale, tourmalines withstand daily wear but require gentle cleaning with warm, soapy water. Avoid exposing tourmalines to heat and chemicals to maintain their brilliance.

Tourmaline Buyer's Guide

Explore our detailed Tourmaline Buying Guide to navigate the diverse offerings of this October birthstone. Whether seeking a protective black tourmaline or a vibrant Paraíba, find expert tips to make your selection.

Choosing Your October Birthstone

Explore the rich histories and global origins of opal and tourmaline. Whether you're drawn to opal's mystical allure or tourmaline's vibrant hues, our guides ensure you find the perfect October birthstone. Before you shop, consult our Opal and Tourmaline Buying Guides for invaluable insights into selecting a gemstone as unique as the person born in October, especially when looking for the perfect setting for a birthstone necklace!

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