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Beautiful Promise Rings at Ora Gift. Minimalist touch and Personalized to be uniquely yours. They are also known as pre-engagement rings, are a symbol of commitment and dedication in a relationship. They are often given as a sign of love and devotion, and can be worn by anyone in a committed relationship, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

There are a few different reasons why someone might choose to wear a promise ring. Some people wear them as a symbol of their commitment to each other before getting engaged or married. Others wear them as a way to show their dedication to a particular cause or belief, such as a commitment to abstinence before marriage or a commitment to sobriety.

Promise rings can be given for many different reasons, and the specific meaning of a promise ring can vary from person to person. Some people may wear a promise ring as a way to show their commitment to their partner, while others may wear it to symbolize their commitment to a particular cause or belief.

In terms of who wears promise rings, they can be worn by anyone in a committed relationship. This could be a romantic relationship, a friendship, or a familial relationship. Some people choose to wear promise rings with their significant other, while others may give them to their children or siblings as a way to symbolize their commitment to their relationship.

Regardless of who is wearing the promise ring, it is a symbol of commitment and dedication to something or someone important. Whether it is a romantic relationship, a cause, or a belief, a promise ring is a way to show the world that you are dedicated to something or someone special in your life.

What are promise rings?

A promise ring is a ring given from one person to another in a romantic relationship to signify their fidelity and commitment, often (but not always) preceding an engagement. At its most essential, giving a promise ring symbolizes one partner's devotion to the relationship, and accepting the ring does so for the recipient.

Is a Promise Ring the Same as a Purity Ring?

Sometimes, but not always.

How much do promise rings cost?

Ora sells Promise Rings starting at $30