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Promise Rings For Her

Beautiful Promise Rings For Her at Ora Gift. Minimalist touch and Personalized to be uniquely yours. It is the perfect way to show your devotion to each other before you're ready to get engaged. Browse our collection of rings for men and women in several unique styles or personalize your own. Our selection of rings is available online or in our stores so you can find the ring that expresses your love for your special someone.

A promise ring is a special type of ring that symbolizes a promise made between two people, usually in a romantic relationship. It is a symbol of love, commitment, and devotion and serves as a reminder of the promises made to each other. Promise rings are a beautiful and personal token of love, and choosing the right one for your loved one can be an exciting and meaningful experience.

When selecting a promise ring for a woman, there are several things to consider, including the style, design, and materials used in the ring. Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect promise ring for your loved one.

  1. Style: Promise rings come in a variety of styles, from simple and classic to elaborate and ornate. When choosing a style, consider your loved one's personal taste and style preferences. For example, if she loves delicate and understated jewelry, a simple gold or silver band may be the perfect choice. On the other hand, if she loves bold and eye-catching pieces, a ring with a large gemstone or intricate design may be more suitable.

  2. Design: Promise rings can feature a variety of designs, including solitaires, halo styles, and eternity bands. Consider the design of the ring carefully, as it should reflect the promises made and the love shared between the two of you. For example, an eternity band with diamonds or other precious stones may symbolize the unending love and commitment you have for each other.

  3. Materials: Promise rings can be made of a variety of materials, including gold, silver, platinum, and precious stones like diamonds or rubies. The choice of material will depend on personal preference, budget, and the symbolism you want the ring to convey. For example, a gold promise ring may symbolize warmth and richness, while a platinum ring may symbolize durability and strength.

  4. Budget: Promise rings can range in price from a few dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the materials used and the design of the ring. Consider your budget carefully and choose a ring that fits within your budget while still being a meaningful and beautiful symbol of your love and commitment.

  5. Personalization: Adding a personal touch to the promise ring can make it even more special and meaningful. Consider having the ring engraved with your initials, a special date, or a meaningful phrase. You can also choose a ring with a birthstone that represents your loved one's birth month.

When giving a promise ring, it is important to understand the significance of the promise being made and to choose a ring that reflects the love and commitment shared between the two of you. Take the time to consider your loved one's personal taste, style, and preferences, and choose a ring that is as unique and special as your relationship.

In conclusion, choosing a promise ring for a woman can be a meaningful and exciting experience. Consider the style, design, materials, budget, and personalization options when selecting the perfect ring. A promise ring is a symbol of love, commitment, and devotion and will serve as a reminder of the promises made and the love shared for years to come.


Do Promise Rings come in gold?

Yes. Our promise rings come in all colors include gold, silver and rose gold.

Does Ora sell promise rings for couples?

Yes. Ora sells matching promising rings for couples.

Do you sell Diamond promise rings?

Yes, Ora is proud to sell lab grown diamond Promise rings.