5 Jewelry Tips Every Girl Should Know Before Buying Pieces Online

Let’s talk today about buying jewelry online. Gone is the time when buying jewelry required many hours at a jewelry store looking at the limited stock available.


Most people if they look in the mirror and they not wearing any jewelry it makes them feel like something is missing and so the second you put on jewelry it’s just magic and overall outfit just comes together effortlessly.


Everyday jewelry is the most surprising & affordable thing in the closet.


Although the worst thing is when you bought a piece of jewelry and you immediately regret it. Today we outline 5 tips that help you really love a piece of jewelry instead.


1. Make it meaningful


Jewelry needs to be meaningful. Whether it’s jewelry that represents a place that you love or somebody that you love then you’re about to bound to keep and care that piece. Ora Gift has many custom engraved collections from initial letters to custom symbols and zodiac constellations. 


Gold Family Pattern Necklace by Ora Gift


2. Stick to minimal


Giant colorful jewelry is not timeless. At Ora Gift, we find simplicity and minimal at it’s finest in the art of our design and practice. Great thing about minimal jewelry is that you can layer it and you never get bored of it. Minimal jewelry is your go-to for timeless and dainty style.


Layered gold necklace set of 2 pearl and coin by Ora Gift


3. Quality


Here at Ora Gift, we are fully transparent: every piece is personally hand made. Most of our items are made from 925 Sterling silver which is known for lower maintenance and very strong features. The best thing that you can choose a finish in a gold, silver or rose gold plating. Also silver is more appropriate for everyday jewelry budget. In that way, you can build up your jewelry collection.


Double ring jewelry quality inspection by Ora Gift


4. Complete the look


Have you purchased a single piece of jewelry previously? Find something that complements or builds on that! Matching earrings or a bracelet for the necklace you have chosen makes for a meaningful and practical addition. Most of the pieces sold by Ora Gift have matching collections moreover there is always exclusive discount offers when you buy more.


interlocking bracelet and necklacet set by Ora Gift


5. Know your size


The most regretful purchase when it doesn’t fit right. It can be very tricky for rings. Our advice to start with that is to pick something for not your middle finger but something that is middle-sized for all of your fingers, for example, index finger. At Ora Gift, we have open type rings so you have options to wear it on any of your fingers. You can find our sizing guide for jewelry in a frequently asked questions page.


Gold name ring open type with CZ by Ora Gift



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